Friday, January 4, 2013

Flush It Friday - Parts Two and Three

Ironic, don't you think, that just one day after I post "2012 - Ten Trends" which includes examples of "accidental" ruptures of underground pipes during 2012 (see: "What's Underground Needlessly Mystifies") a construction crew working in downtown Minneapolis rips open a 36" water main and floods six city blocks with 14 million gallons of water in 15 degree weather? I guess they just wanted to participate in today's wet proceedings by confirming the trend will needlessly continue into 2013 (and beyond).  

Anyway, after last week's attempt to flush the bilge of stories that didn't make the front page cut during the past 18 months, I had to haul out the Drano. Now, I'm thinking that after this week's swirl of items originally planned for "Flush It Friday - Part Two" and "Flush It Friday - Part Three", it's going to take a bit more than that to return things to normal - probably one of those long metal snakey things. So, with that background item out of the way, find below, in no particular order, a collection of viewpoint diverse stories that crisscross the spectrum of geospatial and related technologies impacting the Emergency Services Sector. In other words, the remainder of the past year-and-one-half of scraps from my editing room floor.....

Lead photo:

Have an absolutely Great Weekend!

(and stay dry)

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