Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GPS Tracking Devices in Pill Bottles

More than a few news outlets covered the story of pill bottle meets GPS tracking device when it hit the wire in the middle of the month.  After all, it was the sensational next step after boxes of Brazilian laundry detergent Omo and U.K Nestle candy bars were previously equipped with similar devices.  However, this time the event took place in the U.S., and focused on putting criminals behind bars.  For more on this brainchild of the New York Police Department, use the link below:

(CBS News, January 15, 2013)

Comment: When I was a kid, my old man got tired of the local ice fishermen stealing wood from a big wood pile outside our "up North" cabin.  So, he told the local gossip that he had hidden a stick of dynamite in several different chunks of wood on the pile. The story wasn't true, but the theft of wood stopped. So when I saw this story, I was left wondering......

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