Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mission Manager - FREE Software for SAR

It's been about six months since we last checked in on Michael Bailey, a long-time, cutting-edge programmer and  Search and Rescue (SAR) Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Southern, California.  In that time, Mike has been hard at work on his free SAR mission management software called, oddly enough, Mission Manager. His efforts have come a long, long way. So much so, you might find yourself asking - Why is he giving this away for FREE?

Here are the advertised features:

  • Customizable fields for your type of team - SAR, FD, USAR, MFF, SED, PD, etc.
  • Nothing to install, runs in the Cloud on the Web or offline without a Web Connection
  • Keep track of all your members contact information, certifications, and equipment
  • Member Messaging - via Email, Text Message and Phone calls
  • Collect member responding status for missions
  • Real-time access to all mission and member data from different computers and locations
  • Team Calendar to organize events, request RSVPs from your members, all integrated with your team
  • Simply drag and drop your available personnel in standard ICS positions or on team assignments
  • Create detailed maps in several formats
  • Track your team's progress in the field real-time on Maps
  • Print standard ICS forms, such as Team Assignments, Mission Status, Logs, and many more
  • Track Clues with automated reports and locate them on your mission maps automatically
  • Supports all major Web Browsers, Smart Phones and iPads
  • Customizable login access levels for all your members
  • Mission Manager can be interfaced with a callout phone line where your members can get information about the current mission
  • Create team accessible Links to other Web sites
  • Upload your team's documents and control who can see and edit them
  • Create, assign, and track team member Tasks
  • Supported by a very active user forum

Want to know more? Then use the link below:

Comment: Mission Manager includes a very nice integration of the U.S. National Grid (USNG) in the program's map viewer. Given this software supports the SAR mission, and the National Search and Rescue Committee has designated USNG  as the coordinate system to be used for all land based SAR efforts, this feature makes an already great program, truly top notch!  


  1. I am a training officer on a backcountry rescue team and just heard about this software. Everything I heard was that it was great, except that it is no longer free. They are now charging an annual fee for using it. Even with the grant opportunity to cover 50% of the fee it is a lot more than we can justify for the couple dozen calls we get each year.