Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Media Brief from FEMA Region V RISC

Over the past year there have been several interesting developments when it comes to units of government trying to solve the puzzle that is social media. They include:
Along these lines, a brief given yesterday to FEMA Region V's Regional Interagency Steering Committee (RISC) provided solid information and links helpful to those trying to understand how social media can be used to increase situational awareness and effectively deliver on mission during disasters. The link below can be used to view that presentation:

(Carolyn Deming, FEMA Region V, January 23, 2013)

Comment: Although this presentation is without the accompanying audio, it is well worth the time to review. I found a link to a product I didn't even know existed - maybe you will too! 

Lead graphic:

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  1. This is interesting. I would love to attend such kind of training course. But I think, I'm too late for the recent one. I am so interested. Will surely visit more often in your blog from now. Thanks for the info.