Monday, April 29, 2013

FCC Test Findings: Cell Phone 9-1-1 Indoor Positional Accuracy

The FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) III recently released findings from 911 cell phone indoor location tracking  tests it conducted late last year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Conclusion: while improvements are being made in these technologies, accuracy acceptable to the 911 and Emergency Services Sector communities is still years away. Indeed, one of the more interesting benchmarks to come out of the study was that although indoor location accuracy to within 50 meters is acceptable for rural and most suburban settings, less than 50 meters will be required in urban settings. GCN reports:

(GCN, April 4, 2013)

Comment: With estimates running as high as 70% of all 911 calls now coming from cell phones, and up to 50% of those calls are being made from indoors, this is a serious issue. Best of luck to the commercial vendors who are trying to solve this vexing problem. 

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