Friday, May 24, 2013


To Readers of this blog,

As blogs go, 100,000 hits is small potatoes. But, for this spot on the Internet, it's a big deal. A far off goal that seemed unimaginable when this site launched on June 23, 2011. The original intent was simple and remains unchanged to this day: create a way to tell the story about the rapid nature of change in geospatial and related technologies that have impact on the Emergencies Services Sector. The aforementioned technologies are moving from paper to digital, static to dynamic, hard-wired to mobile, simple to complex, situational to analytic, and historic to real-time. It is indeed, a revolution in technology that will continue to have profound impact on us all, and in particular, the Emergencies Services Sector, in the years ahead.

Because that message is one of change - one impacting long established institutions and their "proven" ways of doing business - it is a tough one to deliver and often one that falls on deaf ears. For that reason, I would like to personally thank each of you who have tuned in since this blog's launch. There is a genuine need to close a knowledge gap that exists between two sectors critical to our national well being - the geospatial and the emergencies services communities. Your willingness to consider the issues, is the start of the solution.

With that, I wish you an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend and again offer my most sincere thanks for your readership and participation.


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