Friday, May 17, 2013

Follow-Me Friday: CARA, Button TrackR, ESS AVL, Sky Eye, and Nowhere to Run

"Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way," goes the saying. And since I'm on the stubborn side today and inclined to do neither the former, nor the latter, guess I'm stuck doing the "follow thing". From what I can tell, looks like that's a trend sweeping the planet. So follow along, as I follow a story line, about following...

Spies In the Kitchen: It has always freaked me out that potatoes have eyes. But, I've solved that problem by ensuring any member of that particular tuber family inhabiting my kitchen is locked away in a cupboard. Now, come to find out, I've got a bigger problem. Give the following story a once over, and you'll see what I mean:

(Fast Company, May 16, 2013)

"Honey, What Did You Do With My (Fill in the Blank)?"  OK, I follow where this story goes. But, I've got a question. Will this technology help me if I loose my marbles? Find out below:

(PRWeb, May 13, 2013)

Irony of Ironies. GPS tracking is increasingly becoming a cornerstone technology for "in the trenches" Emergency Services Sector (ESS) personnel. The technology has been deployed to track everything from firefighters in burning buildings, to not so nice folks out on parole. Turns out though, when GPS tracking gets bumped up a rung - there are some folks who are none too happy. And for good reason. Follow what I'm saying?

(The Columbus Dispatch, March 30, 2013)

From Chopper One - News at 11. Oh, goodie! Just what I've always wanted; yet another way to immortalize how truly cool I am by recording countless yottabytes of video that no one is ever going to watch because there is yottabytes of video. However, I've got to give the inventors of this drone the following pat on the back: Because the video is being recorded in the air (naturally) - it's pretty cool. Go for a fly-through below:

(C|NET, May 11, 2013)

Wigged Out.  Ah, shucks - looks like I will have to follow what Leslie Stahl of CBS has to say on 60 Minutes this weekend. Shock of shocks - face recognition is now good enough that there's nowhere to hide. You should probably follow me to the hills.

(CBS News, May 16, 2013)

Have a Great Weekend!

Lead photo: Fanpop

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