Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More on the Minnesota Marker

As previously mentioned on this site, since 2009, this blog's sponsor, SharedGeo, has been involved in an effort to develop a GPS compatible trail marker that can be used for emergency response. Yesterday, the mainstream press in Minnesota took notice of the project by making the Minnesota Marker front page news in the Pioneer Press. Information about these U.S. National Grid formatted location markers was also published in a local technology blog. Links to both can be found below:

(May 13, 2013, Pioneer Press)

(May 12, 2013)

Comment: For more than a year, "U.S. National Grid as the Response Language of Location" has been the second most popular idea needing national implementation according to FEMA's IdeaScale. Yet, here's an effort supporting that recommendation - forced to pass the hat for the "chicken feed funding" it needs to stay alive. Go figure.

Lead picture: Pioneer Press 

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