Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tweets By Location

For the past couple of years, thought leaders in the geospatial community have been contemplating how place based networks might be used to increase effectiveness of various public and private services. Now comes word that Twitter is close to following through on some of those considerations by launching a Tweet capability dependent on location. Although not the first to link social media to location, the sheer mass of Twitter suggests a trend that will be hard to ignore. Article below: 

(All Things D, April 25, 2013)

Comment: As is the case with Tweetping, a real-time Tweet map interface mentioned in last Friday's post, and Tweetmap, a demo Tweet aggregator map, location awareness about Tweets in the past has been almost entirely broad brush.  Bringing granularity to the situation as suggested by the article opens the real possibility of channeling Tweets in a way that will increase utility to the Emergency Services Sector. Looking forward to the day when that happens.

Lead graphic: Digibuzz 

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