Friday, June 7, 2013

Final Friday

Yup, it's that time. Finals. The last hurdle before wandering out the door for a fun-filled and care-free summer. An examine you know has been coming, but you've waited until the last minute to crack the books for (if at all). So, I'll dispense mercy. It will be open book - but you'll have to dig for some answers, in the answers provided. And with feet are up on the desk, I'm tilted back in my chair with stop watch in hand. You get 45 minutes to show the world you've been paying attention during the past school year. Go!

1.  What does the acronym WUI stand for?  Answer

2.  Why are established institutions slow to adopt new technologies?  Answer

3.  Do Google, Apple and others censor the imagery they provide online?  Answer

4.  In October of last year, an Italian court convicted a group scientists for failing to predict what?  Answer

5.  What nonprofit organization set up a crowd sourcing system to prescreen damage assessment imagery in support of FEMA's Sandy response?  Answer

6.  What does the term ALPR stand for?  Answer

7.  Name the company that is facing 350+ lawsuits worth potentially billions of dollars for having bad GIS data?  Answer

8.  Within the last year, the FEMA GeoPortal Development Team has won two awards. One of them was the ESRI Making a Difference Award. What was the other?  Answer

9.  The acronym FOSS4G means what?  Answer

10. What is a Minnesota Marker?  Answer

11. Name the organization that sponsors: Public Safety Interface of the GIS Inventory.  Answer

12. What is Geomedicine, and why is it important?  Answer

13. The U.S. has had an operational Global Positioning System (GPS) in place since 1994. How many other countries or regions of the world are in the process of deploying their own systems? Answer

14. Who or what is NAPSG?  Answer

15. Critics of crowd sourced geospatial information claim the accuracy of data submitted by volunteers can't be trusted. Tests of data submitted during a pilot project in what state led the USGS to create a nationwide crowd sourcing program for The National Map?  Answer

16. What event is now considered by many to be the first major crime solved by social media? Answer

17. Why is the ability to determine location of indoor cell phone calls so important?  Answer

18. An Iowa Sheriff sitting on a national steering committee recently claimed impropriety in committee activities. What very important system is the committee overseeing development of?  Answer

19. There are how many National Planning Frameworks?  Answer

20. Getting the Emergency Services Sector to adopt the U.S. National Grid has been described as being like what event?  Answer

Time's up!  After you turn in your blue exam booklet....

Have a Great Weekend (and Summer)!

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