Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NEW USFA Course: Emerging Uses for GIS in the Fire Service

The U.S. Fire Administration recently announced five "pilot" courses that will be used to hone delivery of future versions. Of special interest to readers of this blog, the offerings include: Emerging Uses for GIS in the Fire Service (P0512).  The two day course will be conducted at Emmitsburg, MD. Here are the details:

Curriculum: Planning & Information Management
The course provides a foundation for implementing geospatial technologies in a local emergency service agency. The value, application, and use of geospatial technologies in emergency services and the fundamental skills required for basic implementation will be addressed.
The purpose of this course is to explain the application of GIS to the fire service, within the context of planning, mitigation, response and recovery. GIS can be applied to each of the phases of crisis management and whole community planning. It may also be structured for day-to day uses. 

Course Date, Location, Availability   
  • Dates: July 13, 14
  • Location: Emmitsburg, MD
  • Vacancies: Yes

 Selection Criteria 
  • Responders with skills and knowledge of company level operations;
  • Department members currently seeking to implement geospatial technologies; and
  • Instructors or training officers responsible for conducting awareness level geospatial training.
 Prerequisites/Post Course
  • There are no ACE recommendations, NFPA standards, or student pre-course materials associated with this course
  • There are currently no CEU's or post-course requirements
To Apply

Training conducted at Emmitsburg, MD, is normally free - including all travel expenses to/from Emmitsburg, as well as lodging. Students are only expected to pay personal costs and a nominal fee for meals. However, this course is being taught during a state weekend. Please check with the course training specialist to verify which costs will be covered for your circumstances.

Here's the course reference web page:

Comment: Bad on me for not posting information on this one earlier. The world famous Talbot Brooks and his merry band of firefighting GISers will deliver this course. Expect a second offering in August for those who are unable to attend during July. Also, it is anticipated the course will eventually become available for local delivery.

Image credit: Chris S. Geiger

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