Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EIA Releases Energy Map for Disasters

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released a significant upgrade to its interactive energy map for United States which was first launched last fall. In addition to now showing the locations and capacity of energy terminals, refineries, production sites, power plants and much, much more, real-time weather can be overlaid to help users understand the potential impact of major weather events (primarily hurricanes). Five different base maps can be used for the background layer. Links below for more:

Comment: A BIG thanks goes out to Joella Givens over at our companion Linkedin site for finding this story.  For those who understand the concept of SWEAT for disaster response (Services, Water, Energy, Accessibility, and Tele-comms), this map is an absolute gold mine. By having command of those five elements of geospatial information during a disaster - you'll be well on your way to having excellent situational awareness.  So, fantastic job by EIA for nailing down one of the five, well in advance of big, bad and ugly! 

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