Monday, July 8, 2013

GIS Related EMI Courses for FY-2014

Last week FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) released its course schedule for Fiscal Year/FY-2014 (October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014). Courses offered which include a geospatial component, help Emergency Managers learn how GIS can serve as a force multiplier, or focus on FEMA's mitigation planning software HAZUS, include:

  • (E/L 948) Situation Awareness and Common Operating Picture 
  • (E/L 143) Advanced Situational Awareness/Common Operating Picture 
  • (E/L 313) Basic HAZUS-MH 
  • (E/L 317) Comprehensive Data Management for HAZUS-MH 
  • (E/L 170) HAZUS-MH for Hurricane 
  • (E/L 172) HAZUS-MH for Flood 
  • (E/L 174) HAZUS-MH for Earthquake 
  • (E/L 176) HAZUS-MH for Floodplain Managers 
  • (E/L 179) Application of HAZUS-MH for Disaster Operations* 
  • (E/L 190) ArcGIS for Emergency Managers* 
  • (E/L 296) Application of HAZUS-MH for Risk Assessment

* Proposed requirement for several recently released FEMA Geographic Information Systems (GIS) position qualifications.  See this post: NEWS FLASH: FEMA Proposes Position Qualification Standards for GIS Personnel!

For your convenience, a schedule for the above courses and additional information can be found using the links below:

Comment: In FY-2014, as was the case in FY-2013, available dates for most EMI courses with a geospatial flavor are front loaded to the first half of the year (starting in October 2013). So apply early if you would like to attend.

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