Wednesday, August 28, 2013

U.S. National Grid Equals Preparedness

Faced with the uncertainty of our times, a growing number of Americans have been putting into practice the core philosophy of the Boy Scouts: "Be Prepared". With efforts ranging from participating in one of FEMA's sponsored CERT teams, to spending millions to build a family "bunker", individuals are taking steps to be ready for whatever the future may hold. Now, Living Ready, one of the leading publications that helps this community be like our self-reliant pioneer ancestors, has taken notice of a very important geospatial concept - the U.S. National Grid. More below: 

(Living Ready, Fall 2013)

Comment: No fan of the U.S. National Grid should get too excited about this story's subtitle error which mistakenly links USNG to latitude/longitude. I've been told by the article author that there is a red-faced editor who has apologized profusely for this last minute editing mistake. Consequently, I think this is an excellent article and Living Ready should be thanked for taking the bold step of promoting U.S. National Grid in a magazine with national circulation. Thank you very much!

Graphic credit: Brett Ortler

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