Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3D Mapping in Real-Time

Funded by a grant from the Science Foundation of Ireland, the Irish Research Council and the Office of Naval Research, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and National University of Ireland (NUI) at Maynooth have been able to achieve continuous 3D mapping in real-time. Building on work from 2011 by a team from Imperial College London and Microsoft Research, "highly detailed 3-D maps of indoor and outdoor environments" were created by applying an algorithm to videos filmed using a low-cost Kinect camera. More below:

(MIT News, August 28, 2013)

Comments: (1) Taken together with previous work at MIT to create a wearable map generator for first responders, and the reality of developments like 360-degree, high resolution camera systems and flash LiDAR, and the future is going to look very different for the Emergency Services Sector (ESS) when it comes to location based technologies. (2) Don't miss the video in the above article.  It starts out slow - but then really comes together.

Graphic credit: Still from video by Thomas Whelan and John McDonald/NUI; Michael Kaess and John J.Leonard/MIT

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