Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Editorial: A Failure in Leadership

If you have ever perused the links in the right side-bar, you may have noticed one for the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy. Run by one of the true pioneers in the field of spatial law and policy, Kevin Pomfret, the Centre is described as a:
Non-profit "think-tank" with a mission to educate businesses, government agencies and policymakers on the legal and policy framework necessary to create a 'location-enabled' society.
Over the past month, an editorial written by Kevin has appeared in two online publications of the Nextgov family. I believe the points he makes about a failure of leadership in the U.S. geospatial community are significant enough that they deserve your consideration across a weekend. Thus, in place of the nonsense that normally appears here on a Friday, find below some important ideas about where we are as a nation - and how to fix it:

(Nextgov, November 11, 2013)

Have a Great Weekend!

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