Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The War of "Where"

When the New York Times Magazine devotes eight (8) pages to an article, and gives it headline billing to boot, the topic has legs. Here are two excerpts:
....the Internet land grab, which can be reduced to three key battles over three key conceptual territories. What came first, conquered by Google’s superior search algorithms. Who was next, and Facebook was the victor. But where, arguably the biggest prize of all, has yet to be completely won...
...At this point Google Maps is essentially what Tim O’Reilly predicted the map would become: part of the information infrastructure, a resource more complete and in many respects more accurate than what governments have. It’s better than MapQuest’s map, better than Microsoft’s, better than Apple’s...
To explore where these thoughts go, click below:

(New York Times Magazine, December 11, 2013)

Comment: Little doubt this article's title says it all about the power of "where". Unfortunately, it's a thought too few have come to grasp.

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