Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Three for Christmas Eve Tuesday: Tracking Baby Jesus, Santa NORAD FAQ's, and Scary Snowman

Well, for all you hard core, got-to-go-to-work-today types out there who need something to read while drinking cold, left-over, office eggnog, I devote today to some last minute Christmas Eve updates.

Item #1: Sad commentary on today's society, but apparently, Baby Jesus goes missing from Nativity displays with enough regularity that churches have begun using GPS tracking to rescue him from the kidnappers.

(myFOXdc.com, December 20, 2013)

Item #2: Last week I ran the annual info piece on NORAD's effort to track Santa's whereabouts on Christmas Eve. Turns out, some inquiring adult minds want to know details. Find below: 

(FEDTECH, December 19, 2013)

Item #3: The Scary Snowman is back at it for 2013 - leveraging the humor we all naturally find in watching someone else get scared by a prank. Find below same - yucks courtesy of a very naughty snowman. 

Ho, Ho, Ho.....Merry Christmas!

(now get back to work)

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