Friday, January 3, 2014

Flush It Friday - 2013 (Part 2 of 2)

Joining last week's flush of the 2013 I've-got-too-many-stories backlog, find below the last five months of the year, and a dozen or so references. In addition to the nonsense you'll find here, there are some real gems. And, if you're dying for more and missed the beginning of the swirl (January-July, Part 1 of 2), click here.
26- How to Live with Wildfires in Southern California
26- 6 Arrested in Vandalism of Former NFL Player’s Upstate New York Home, With More Busts to Come, Cops Say
30- Navatar Glass App May Help Blind Individuals Navigate Indoor Environments
30- How AI, Twitter and Digital Volunteers Are Transforming Humanitarian Disaster Response


4-    A Common View: Facility Managers Share Building Data with Emergency Responders
8-   Social Media, Crisis Mapping and the New Frontier in Disaster Response
14- FBI's Facial Recognition Software Could Fail 20 Percent of the Time
16- GPS Accuracy Still Not Good Enough for Emergencies
16- LAPD Tests Situational Awareness Tool
18- Brazen Scammers Target LIRR Riders With Ticket Machine Cameras
18- Mobile Geospatial Tool To Aid Military, First Responders
21- Google’s Maps Engine Pro Aims To Help Small Businesses Visualize Location Data As Easily As They Make A Pie Chart
22- Microsoft Gets Its Own Answer to Google Glass Ready and has a Prototype in the Testing Stages
22- Stores Can't Track You Unless You Permit Them [Updated], Working With Privacy Experts, In-store Trackers Adopt Privacy Code
26- Pentagon Agency Creating Digital Map of the World


2-   ShotSpotter Detection System Documents 39,000 Shooting Incidents in the District
2-   NYC Marathon is Back With Increased Security
8-   FAA Releases ‘Roadmap’ for Integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems
12- Wisconsin Man Called 911 Because Sex Partner Was "Snoring Like A Train" In His Bed
14- 16 American Cities Foreign Governments Warn Their Citizens About
20- Buyers Guide: Personal Locator Beacons
22- Google to Create a Fashionable, Prescription Lenses for Glass: Report
26- Interactive: U.S. Storm Reports, Warnings, Precipitation
29- Retailers Tracking Shoppers Inside Stores
30- Digital Era Confounds the Courts

3-   Mommy, the Drone’s Here!
3-   UN Starts Drone Surveillance in DR Congo
4-   Hacker Develops Super-Drone to Hack, Hijack Other Drones
4-   Google Puts Money on Robots, Using the Man Behind Android
5-   The Navy Just Launched a Drone from a Submarine—While Underwater
5-   Flashlight App Kept Users in the Dark About Sharing Location Data: FTC
5-   Kenya Enhances Elephant Security With Satellite Collars
7-   IRS Using Google Maps to Spy on Taxpayers
7-   Ex-Official Says FBI Can Secretly Activate an Individual's Webcam Without the Indicator Light Turning On
8-   Cellphone Data Spying: It's Not Just the NSA
23- Still Unconvinced, Home Buyer? Check Out the View From the Drone
23- The Rise of the [Geospatial] Machines Part 3: New Opportunities in the Coming Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Age
26- Rolls-Royce Looks to Plot a Course to the Future With Drone Ships
29- New Law All but Bars Russian GPS Sites in U.S.


Here's Hoping Your First Weekend of 2014 is One You Want to Keep!

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