Monday, January 13, 2014

The Chief of Police Magazine Joins USNG Discussion

The fall edition of The Chief of Police magazine offered a topic seldom seen in publications of the Law Enforcement (LE) community - U.S. National Grid (USNG). Written by long-time USNG advocate Al Studt, a Lieutenant with the Cape Canaveral Fire Department and Communications and Structures Specialist with Florida's Task Force 4 Urban Search and Rescue Team, this "short and sweet" article hits the high points of how to make the nation better prepared through the use of a common response language of location - Law Enforcement included. Link below:

(The Chief of Police Magazine, Fall 2013)

Comment: Congratulations to The Chief of Police Magazine for bringing this subject matter to the attention of the Law Enforcement community. Ironically, Law Enforcement often finds itself on the hot seat when it comes to searching for missing persons, yet experience suggests few in the community know that since November 2011, USNG has been the national coordinate reference system for Search and Rescue operations in the United States. Hopefully, articles like this will help raise awareness about this issue.

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