Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Way Forward for 2014

As gleaned from a review of last year's posts, a thought about the way forward in 2014:

A geospatial revolution is underway…

…which is occurring simultaneously in many different ways:

Innovative communities are finding ways to leverage that revolution,

while others have started catching-up to where they should be.

Unfortunately, many decision makers in the Emergency Services Sector and geospatial communities have failed to understand the revolution. The consequences for the nation have been both expensive and deadly.

Free and open software/data is being developed which could empower volunteer groups to help solve this problem,

but unfortunately these types of response groups have grown haphazardly and without needed, ongoing, cross-community coordination, thereby minimizing value.

Similarly, other important issues which have come forward include government use of location derived data, and

inadequate use of web-based communication technologies.

Since the nation can’t fix everything at once, we should start with a simple concept and build from there. That concept is - adopting a common response language of location - the U. S. National Grid.

Comment: Let's go!  We can do this!

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