Friday, March 14, 2014 Friday - Email of the Week

Emails from folks out there who care are the kind I love to get. Here's one filled with lots of great info, received this week:

While reading through your site, I noticed you have a link to the U.S. Fire Administration website on
I wanted to introduce you to, an organization dedicated to Fire education and information ecosystem. Our mission is to provide fire education, public safety careers information and tools to the public at no cost. A few of these resources can be found here:
Fire Science education and training for current and future students:
An extensive “how to become” series, which includes careers such as firefighting, EMT, fire inspector, fire marshall, arson investigator and more:
A resources section with a database of fire department and academies and fire statistics by state:
Would you mind adding the link to our website on your resource page above (or similar page) to help this information reach those interested in fire education and public safety careers?
Fire Science Careers, Education and Degrees:
Thank you,
Matt Davis
Fire Science Online

Comment: Thanks Matt for all the great links. It's an honor to pass along this information. And, I'm in the process of developing a "Links" page where I'll make sure your information also gets noted.

Have a Great Weekend!

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