Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Microsoft's Cloud Based GPS Effort is Looking for Developers

Building on efforts dating from at least 2011, in late February Microsoft announced it was expanding efforts to create an alternative to satellite only GPS.  This one will be much closer to earth - it will be cloud based, and Microsoft is looking for developers to help bring it to an app near you.  More below:

(The Register, February 24, 2014)

Comment: Couple of thoughts on this one -
  1. While this topic may seem over the top for some, it is important from the standpoint of understanding the Geospatial Revolution continues to expand in a variety of ways, and ultimately, anything that enhances society's ability to use and communicate "where" will be of benefit to the Emergency Services Sector.
  2. For those who would like more details about this effort, the article contains a number of hyperlinks to background materials - don't miss them.

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