Monday, April 21, 2014

NSGIC Midyear Report Highlights Federal Geospatial Failures

You're in a bad spot when the normally low-key National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) examines four areas of geospatial enterprise and then opines that Federal efforts are sorely lacking. Unfortunately, all four topics considered have an Emergency Services Sector (ESS) component to them, with the fourth point of examination devoted entirely to the subject. Read for yourself:

(NSGIC, April 1, 2014)

Comment: First off, massive kudos to NSGIC for this bold, thoughtful consideration of the issues.  Second, I'll cut to the chase with what the report says to me. With regard to the ESS - DHS, FEMAUSGS and the rest of the Federal Interagency - your geospatial programs are by and large a mess and aren't aligned with the needs of the nation. Beltway bandit contractors selling the latest and greatest top-down military-mind-set collection schemes have completely derailed the reality of working inside the borders of the United States. Instead of collection (e.g. fusion centers, et al.) - it's going to require funding and focus on grass roots COLLABORATION if you are going to put the train back on the tracks! A point I've been harping on for years:

(GITA, May 1, 2010)

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