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July 2014
Experts Say Open Data Needed for Emergency Response and Management
HAZUS Annual User Conference is Only One Month Away
Summer Break - Back in Two Weeks
Test Your Patriotism - A 4th of July Quiz
Top Five Friday (I'm Late): May 2014

June 2014
App Teaches Children About Severe Weather
DHS Concerned About GPS Threat to Infrastructure
Google and Twitter Join Forces to Respond to Disasters
Open GIS Data and Information Sharing Being Considered in Nebraska
Report Chides Wildland Firefighter Leadership on Deaths
Uber Creates Protests Against the Geospatial Revolution
Warrantless Cellphone Data Searches Ruled Illegal by Supreme Court

May 2014
9/11 Memorial Museum Officially Opens Today
Aviation is a Focus of Latest USNG Training in Florida
Considering the EMP Threat: No Electricity - For Years
Laying Down the Law: Minnesota v. StingRay
Text-to-911 Update
Webinar: DHS Geospatial Infrastructure (GII) - May 27th, 1:00 PM EDT

April 2014
A Globe of Miracles: The Ultimate Easter Egg
Faulty GIS Data Results in San Bruno Blast Criminal Charges
HAZUS Annual Conference: August 4–6, 2014
HealthMap - Worldwide Public Health Situational Awareness
NYPD's Twitter Debacle
Where's the Fire?

March 2014
Disney Goes "All In" on Tracking Technology
ESRI Updates Its Damage Assessment Template
Fanatic Friday: FEMA Releases Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT)
Featured Software: OpenQuake Friday - Email of the Week
U.S. Infrastructure Crumbling - Emergency Services Sector Pays For It

February 2014
California's Latest Disaster
Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Plan Released
Dr. Roger Tomlinson, Father of GIS, Dead at 80
Facial Recognition: VIP's to Soon Receive Same Treatment as Crooks
Terrorism Attack on the California Electric Grid
U.S. Government Fails Security Review of Cybersystems

January 2014
A Flock of Doves to Be Deployed Into Space
A Stone of Hope
Apple Claims to Have Invented the "Interactive Map"
Cell Phone Searches by Police to be Reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court
Flat Sandwich Friday: Van Google; Fashion Police; Busted Glass; HUD Eyeballs; and News Map
Ford's LiDAR Vehicle
The Chief of Police Magazine Joins USNG Discussion
Spy In Your Car: The Next Privacy Battle
Wearable Camera Use By Police is Increasing

December 2013
Amazon is Developing a Delivery Drone
EPC Updates - 2013 in Review
Night Vision for Smartphones
NORAD Tracks Santa 2013
Trending: Using Satellites to Stop Human Disasters
Upcoming HAZUS-MH Training Opportunities

November 2013
50 Years On
"Bugs" to the Rescue
FirstNet Communication Plan Published
"Predicative Policing" Comes to Infrastructure
Tracking Seattle - No More

October 2013
A Halloween Prank at Its Best
A True Great Leap Forward: China's Emergency Mapping Effort
Amen Brother, Amen
Disaster GIS at USDA
Gun Fire Reporting System Comes to South Florida
Real Time Crisis Mapping Comes to San Francisco
Twitter Alerts

September 2013
3D Mapping in Real-Time
Figure It Out Friday
Free GITA Sponsored Training: Hazardous Material Plume Pre-plan Maps
GIS SOG for Coastal Oil Spills
Google Crisis Map Follows Proven Track
HSIP Gold and Freedom Released for 2013
Remembering a Shipmate
Special Edition: Drones, Colorado Flooding, and FEMA
The Yarnell Hill Fire: A Different Viewpoint
USGS Topo Data Goes Mobile

August 2013
Community Infrastructure Mapping System
Failing Eyesight Friday: Got Lenses?, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Seeing Stars, Sleep Texting, and End of the World
Fast Times at Ridgemount High Friday
Google Glass for First Response
How to Post Emergency Information Online
NSDI Strategic Plan Open For Comments
Recalculating - Our Brains
The Perils of Not Being Tracked
U.S. National Grid Equals Preparedness
U.S. National Grid is Now In the DHS Geospatial CONOPS

July 2013
A Serious Game at Rochester Institute of Technology
Aerostats to Defend Washington, DC
Blood in the Streets - Sierra Club Wins in the California Supreme Court!
Dogs as Sensors
EIA Releases Energy Map for Disasters
Feed Me Friday: Everybody's Hungry
Garmin First to Offer a Portable Heads-Up-Display
NGA-NJVC Disaster Response Tests Continue
The 19
The Value of Making Geospatial Data a Public Asset

June 2013
2013 Wildfire Information Resources
A View From Above: Blimp Imagery for Disasters
Emergency Journalism
EPC Updates is Two-Years-Old
GeoMOOSE - The Open Source - Common Operating Picture Software
NEW USFA Course: Emerging Uses for GIS in the Fire Service
NEWS FLASH: FEMA Proposes Position Qualification Standards for GIS Personnel!
Next Generation 9-1-1 Guide for Law Enforcement
Privacy and Geographic Data
Pushing a Rope Up a Hill...In the Rain
Which GIS for Disasters?

May 2013
Considering the Future: Modeling, Simulation, and Disaster Response
Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) InfoGram: National Response Framework Has Been Updated
DHS Webinars on Geospatial Technologies
Esri and Geofeedia Form Partnership to Support the Emergency Services Sector
Follow-Me Friday: CARA, Button TrackR, ESS AVL, Sky Eye, and Nowhere to Run
"Furball" Friday - Real Danger While Flying Into the Future
Futile Friday: Failed View, Filmed Munchkins, Fried Eyes, Fine Cameras, and Fool's Future
More on the Minnesota Marker
One Year Out: Text-to-911
The New Google Maps Unveiled
Tweets By Location

April 2013
Boston Marathon Bombings: First Thoughts
FIRST Bomb Response App and Other Resources for the ESS
Get Ready for Severe Weather!
Remote Sensing and Disasters: Two Examples
The "Bat-Man" Firefighting Helmet
Use FloodSmart to Get Ready for This Year's Floods
Vanderbilt University Researchers Develop Smartphone that Determines Gunfire Location
Wave of the Future? Police Cameras in Schools...

March 2013
A Note to Readers
Failed to Study For Friday's Test Friday
Geomedicine - Asthmapolis
Homeland Security Operational Planning System (HOPS)
Planet Earth Disaster Loss Winner for 2012: USA, USA, USA!
Public Service Announcement: UN-SPIDER Team Survey Request

February 2013
Awareness About Awareness
Awash in Drone Stories
Furious Friday: Taxes, Drones, Sextortion, Scanners, and General Quarters!
Landsat 8 Now in Orbit
Remote Sensing and Incident Support at DHS
Wisdom From the Top

January 2013
2012 Obituary - Landsat 5
Common Operating Picture Streamlines County's Sandy Response
FCC Issues Report on Loss of E9-1-1 During June 2012 Storm
Find It Friday - Gun Map, Stealth Wear, Hot Spots, Moon Beams, Bad Map
First Friday - 2013
GPS Tracking Devices in Pill Bottles
Social Media Brief from FEMA Region V RISC
Using Satellites in Space - To Predict Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

December 2012
Another Black-Eye for Apple Maps
Baby Steps - FEMA GeoPortal Online
Dubai to Use MGRS Coordinates as Addresses
EPC Updates - 2012 in Review
Frightening Friday: Murder on Facebook, Drone Strike App, Text Contacts, Spy Bird, and Ghost Island
Full Range Friday: Hard Edge Reality to Jaw Dropping Absurd
Linkedin and Events
Muddling Around Monday: Ho, Ho, Ho!
Tragedy Within a Tragedy

November 2012
ALPR Data in Minnesota: Round Three
Be Careful What You Tweet
"Color Red" Missile Attack App
Endangered Weather Satellites
ESRI Rocks! - Smartphone Disaster Survey Templates
USGS Earthquake Data Now on Google Public Alerts

October 2012
A Wearable Map Generator for Responders
Blurring the World for Security's Sake: Google, Apple, and Nokia
Cybersecurity - An Update
Digital Maps for Responders
Disaster Modeling
Fighting Malaria With Cell Phones
Find Something Friday: OpenStreetMap, Waze, Galileo, Your Location, and Data
Firefighting Friday: Two Florida Firefighters Have Something to Say
Italian Earthquake Prediction Court Ruling
Special Sunday/Monday Edition: Hurricane Sandy Geospatial Resources
Three Storm Surge Tools for New York City
Training for the Bin Laden Raid

September 2012
8:46 A.M.
Apple Maps - Therein Lies the Problem
Fahrenheit 212 Friday: Faceoff, We Told You So - But You Wouldn't Listen, GPS for Powertools, Flying Squirrel Suit In Reverse, and SWEEETOTT!
Ideas About Crowdsourcing's Future
Latest Social Media Findings by the American Red Cross
New Cell Phone Cases - The Location Tracking Mess Continues
NOAA Funds Research on Use of New Information Technologies
Silver Jackets
There's Nothing Like a Hot Cup of U.S. National Grid!

August 2012
ALPR Issues Come to Minnesota
CAT 5 Hurricane - We Hope Not
Crowd Sourcing the National Map
DHS Geospatial CONOPS Version 4.0
EPC Updates Weekend Edition: Meograph, Navy Drones, JFK Jet Skier, Jobs' Ghost, and West Nile in Texas
Next HIFLD Meeting Heads Up: 3-4 October, Ft. Meade, Maryland
Remembering: The I-35W Bridge Collapse
Smartphone App Attack
This, or That?
U.S. National Grid Maps for Minnesota
Weekend Edition: Arctic Street View, Tracking the Mayor, GPS Thieves, QR Coding Your Kid, and Rescue Robots!

July 2012
A View to the Future: Unmanned Things in the Sky
Augmented Reality Wars
Aurora Shootings: Maps and 9-1-1 Recordings
Clash of Mapping Titans: ESRI Versus Google
Drone Update
Emergency Management Information at the U.S. Census Bureau
Four For Friday: Tornado Tracks, EPA Flyovers, Waldo Canyon Fire Imagery, EPC Meeting Videos
Freedom Is Not Free
Friday's Fearsome Five: MN Disaster Declaration, Your Cell Phone Location Data Is Not Yours, Indiana Data Model Reminder, HIFLD Live!, and Smart Grid Legal Troubles
Future Friday: APCO Annual Conference, GPS Dots/GPS Spoofing, GIS Helps Detroit, and The Lawnmower of Tomorrow
Mapping the Washington D.C. Storm
Track Me Tender, Track Me True

June 2012
Comparing Mapping Approaches for the Duluth Floods
DATA.GOV / Safety
EPC Updates Is One Year Old!
Freak - Out Friday: You Can't Make This Stuff Up
Fusion Friday: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Integration Underway: DHS Information Technology
Location Determines If Your Home Will Burn In a Wildfire
Mobile Mapping Wars: Apple Versus Google
New Orleans Flood Protection Wall Now In Place
Next Quarterly Meeting of the EPC - Tomorrow, June 14th!
Preserving Freedom From Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012
RAPIER - Rapid Image Exploitation Resource
Senator Schumer to Google and Apple: Don't Be a Peeping Tom!
The Only Minnesota Entity To Request a License to Operate a Drone is....
Twin Cities GECCo Workshop After Action Report and Improvement Plan
Two New Search Features for EPC Updates
Webinar: The Indiana Data Model
Weekend Edition: Smartphone Weather Warnings, Google's Project Glass, Bird Flu, SEC Charges LightSquared Backer Falcone With Fraud
Wildfire Maps and Information Resources

May 2012
A New National Geospatial Infrastructure?
April 2012
April 24, 2012: Somewhere on a Dark, Massive Parking Lot in the Washington, D.C. Metro
Burning Down the House
Colorado Wildfire: Emergency Notification System Failure
Drone Arrest - Legal or Not?
EPC Update - The Real Thing
Foolish Friday: Steam Pipe Break in St. Louis
Freaky Friday: Seeing Through Walls With Your Cellphone
Google's Project Glass
Google's StreetView X2
HSIP Gold and Freedom Released for 2012
IBM's Deep Thunder
LandScan: Disaster Planning on a Global Scale
Location Determination to Within Centimeters - Using Your Cell Phone
Memphis to Get New 9-1-1 System
Pipelines, Pipelines, Where Are Those Pipelines? Crowd Sourcing Maps.....the Police Don't Want
The Return of the GECCo!
Wildland Fire Incident Staff Rides

March 2012
Update: Bird Flu Research/HealthMap
Worried About Flooding? Check Out the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service!

February 2012
...Down goes LightSquared, down goes LightSquared, down goes LightSquared...
FBI Curtails GPS Tracking
Not So Fast - Crime Push
University of Wisconsin Uses GIS to Plan for Disasters
Using LIDAR to Understand Earthquakes

January 2012
Job Opening: Minnesota Chief Geospatial Information Officer
The Superhero GIS Van
What Not to Do With Social Media

December 2011
NORAD Tracks Santa!
U.S. National Grid - "In" The FEMA Think Tank
Unified Incident Command and Decision Support

Supreme Court Justices Show Concern Over GPS Tracking
The Date App
The Official Version: Geospatial Technologies and the Emergency Services Sector
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS Software for River Modeling
USGS Software: Land Use Portfolio Model and HAZUS-MH Data Extractor

October 2011
Virginia Tech Begins Using GIS for Football Home Game Security

September 2011
Putting Fukushima in Perspective
When Social Media Equals Survival (One Side of the Coin)

August 2011
ACLU Files In 34 States Over Cell Phone Tracking - Police Targeted
Alabama Devotes Entire State GIS Conference to Emergency Response
Anger Builds Over Radiation Forecast Maps Withheld From Japanese Public
Big Brother Is Watching You: The Town Where EVERY Car Is Tracked By Police Cameras
Blurred Satellite Images - Living in the Post 9/11 World
Delta State Releases Prototype U.S. National Grid Interface for the Irene Response
USAID to Stand Up New Geospatial Intelligence Center
Webinar: Discovering GIS Information that Supports Public Safety

July 2011
Hwy. 10, Cty. Rd. 10 Tend To Get Confused
World Bank Is Opening Its Treasure Chest of Data

June 2011
2011 HSIP Freedom Information is Now Available
White House Unveils National Strategy for Counterterrorism
Wrong Street Suffix, Woman Dies

Joplin, MO Tornado Disaster Imagery by Surdex

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